France’s game plan to tackle school bullying

One in 10 children at school in France is likely to be the victim of bullying and harassment, a statistic the French government is keen to change.  

Following the launch of its pHARe project to improve the ways that schools and their staff members handle bullies and bullying, the government has launched a free and confidential hotline and accompanying website that allows pupils to report incidents, receive impartial support and get advice on what steps to take to combat bullying.  

The 3018 number has been up and running since September 2023. Staffed by lawyers, psychologists and digital tool specialists, anyone who is feeling under threat can call the number between 9am and 11pm every day of the week. The 3018 team can also be contacted via the website

Monaco launched a similar service earlier this year.  

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Alongside the 3018 service, the government has added a number of other measures to its anti-bullying arsenal, with the intended aim of eliminating it in schools completely.  

The pHARe programme, the government’s comprehensive plan for the prevention and treatment of bullying situations, has now been rolled out in every school in the country, online support for parents is to be integrated into the scheme by the end of this academic year, and all teaching staff are to receive specialist training on how to manage bullying over the next three years.  

There are also 380 fully trained and dedicated anti-bulling support officers in France. A list of these helpers by region can be found here.  

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Photo source: Andrik Langfield, Unsplash