France’s Permis B driving licenses can now be obtained from age 17

As of 1st January, those eager to get behind the wheel in France can do so a year younger following a decision by a government to reduce the minimum age for holding a standard Permis B licence from 18 to 17.

The law is intended to “promote the mobility of young people” – notably those living in more rural areas with little or no access to public transportation options – and make it easier for the country’s youth to get to school or work. 

The Permis B allows drivers to handle vehicles up to a maximum authorised mass (MAM) of 3,500kg and with up to eight passenger seats. These drivers may also tow a trailer with an MAM up to 750kg or a larger trailer providing the total MAM of the trailer and vehicle does not exceed 3,500kg. The full list of vehicles can be found here

French driving licences are valid for 15 years from issuance dates and have a probationary period where new drivers are allotted six points initially for infractions, raised by two points each year until they reach the maximum of 12.

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Photo source: Art Markiv, Unsplash