Free bus service: the government test is on

Monaco asks its residents and visitors “What do you think of the free bus service?” in a new online and in-person survey.  

The Monegasque government recently decided to make bus use in the Principality free of charge until 27th November. The goal is to see whether this incentive will change people’s travel habits as the government continues to work toward encouraging the use of public transport to help lessen traffic jams, reduce CO2 emissions, and to bring about a better quality of life in general.  

Now the government has announced the launch of a public survey to determine whether or not the measure has been effective.  

Passengers will be asked to fill out an online survey answering some basic questions about their current bus usage, which can be accessed via the website or by scanning a QR code.  

Additionally, representatives of the survey company, Alyce, will be on hand at certain bus stops on 8th, 22nd and 24th November from 6am to 8pm, asking passengers to answer a quick questionnaire about their usual travel routines and expectations to help them better assess the public transport situation and attitudes toward it in Monaco.  



Photo source: Monaco Communications Department