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Free flu shot now available

Free flu shot now available

By Cassandra Tanti - October 24, 2021

All residents and employees covered under Monaco’s health care system are now able to access their free flu shots from pharmacies in the Principality.

In a statement released Friday 22nd October, the government said that all employees insured with social security from the Monaco Social Funds and the State Medical Benefits Services (SPME) and their beneficiaries can now obtain influenza vaccines in pharmacies in the Principality, with or without a medical prescription.

People just need to present their health card to access the flu vaccine, which can then be administered by a doctor, a private nurse, a pharmacist or a medical biologist from the Principality.

The vaccine will be fully reimbursed by the patient’s social security fund.

“The objective of the Monegasque health authorities is to get as many people as possible to be vaccinated and therefore to do everything possible to limit as much as possible the combined effects of the two viruses which could circulate at the same time,” said the government.

Seasonal flu and Covid, although caused by very different viruses, have identical symptoms: fever, cough, fatigue, muscle pain, etc. Diagnosis is therefore easier if an infected person is vaccinated against the flu, as caregivers can more quickly identify a possible Covid case and offer appropriate treatment, whether at home or in hospital.

People with flu shots are also less likely to need hospitalisation, therefore freeing up healthcare facilities for severe Covid cases.




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