French government offers €5,000 incentive to anyone installing a new heat pump

heat pump

The French government has announced it will award a €5,000 rebate to anyone, at any income level, who is replacing an old heating system with a new energy-efficient heat pump. 

In an effort to encourage the public to make the switch to cleaner running geothermal energy sources, the French government is offering, from 1st March, a €5,000 grant to households if they replace their old heating systems with new heat pumps.  

The decision was announced after the Ministry of Energy Transition’s plan to speed up the switch to renewable energies was reviewed and presented afresh on 2nd February.  

The transition to renewable energy sources is a central strategy in the government’s efforts to reduce overall CO2 emissions and reach carbon neutrality in France by 2050. Heat represents half of the country’s energy consumption and is produced mainly through the use of fossil fuels, such as gas and oil, in addition to imported resources.   

Geothermal offers a limitless supply of natural heat and saves, on average, €300 in heating costs per household per year, but is only used in 1% of households. This is due in part to the high cost of installation, which currently hovers at between €18,000 and €20,000. Prior to now, the government’s aid package to make the switch was €4,000 for lower income families and €2,500 for those in the medium to high income brackets.  

Those who wish to install a new system must first select an energy provider that has signed onto the heating boost charter, and any work must be carried out by a professional “Recognised Guarantor of the Environment” or RGE.  

Once works are completed, invoices and other supporting documents are sent to the chosen energy supplier, who will then organise a bank transfer or cheque, offer vouchers or deduct the amount directly from the bill. Other aid schemes are also available, and the government says that by taking advantage of them, the cost of installation can be reduced by up to 90%. 

The government hopes that by boosting the incentive and making it a universal monetary offer, more households will change to geothermal.  


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Photo source: Eric McLean for Unsplash