French government to pay advance of 60% on tax credits and reductions

From 15th January, taxpayers who have outgoings such as a household help, Ehpad costs or certain rental investments that are eligible for tax credits or reductions stand to receive an advance of 60% on these expenses.  

The advances are calculated according to the information provided in 2022 income tax returns, which were filed during the spring of 2023. They are thus subject to a one-year lag time and will be paid in two instalments: one in January and the remaining balance in the summer, according to declarations made in 2024. 

According to the French government, more than nine million households will be eligible for these payments.  


According to the government, “The payment of this deposit comes in January to limit the cash mismatches, unless you have reduced the amount in ‘Manage my withholding tax’ via the website between September and December 2023.” 

Payments will be made exclusively by bank transfer to the bank account connected to a household’s most recent online income tax declaration. 

Households should expect to see a notice or message on their account informing them of the total they are due to receive in the days before the transfer is made.  

To see if you are eligible for the advance, click here, and for more information about the scheme, click here


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Photo source: Alexander Dummer, Unsplash