French Riviera to host first ever World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival

100 of the most influential AI industry leaders are heading to Cannes for an event that will put the city on the world stage for game-changing tech and innovation.  

Over three days at the Palais des Festival of Cannes, from 9th to 11th February, decision-makers and major players from the artificial intelligence sphere will share at the World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival their visionary solutions and advancements that could help business owners and marketers take their own strategies to the next level.  

A packed programme of conferences and debates will look at five key realms for development: AI in society to help “understand the benefits of artificial intelligence for society and our planet, and the challenges to overcome”; an exploration of the work being done today that will lead to innovation in tomorrow’s society and organisations; AI strategies for improving and scaling business models; learning how to best use the AI technologies on the market; and AI applications, which will help participants understand the progress AI can bring to various industries.  

A series of fascinating immersive experiences will also be on offer, from the worlds of gaming and augmented reality to robotics and hospitality-based AI solutions.  

The Saturday has been designated as an open day for the public – the previous two days are dedicated to industry professionals – and free passes can be booked here.  


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Photo source: WAICF 2021