French union threatens to cut power to Monaco GP and Cannes Film Festival

In a direct threat to the Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival this May, the French union CGT has threatened to shut off the power in protest against President Macron’s controversial pension reform.

After French President Emmanuel Macron’s called for “100 days of appeasement and unity”, the CGT union representing the energy sector workers has called for “100 days of anger, 100 days to win!”

In a statement, the union promised more protest action during the month of May, with electricity disruptions to major cultural and sporting events.

“The Cannes festival, the Monaco GP, Roland-Garros, the Avignon festival could end up in the dark,” says a communication by the CGT Union.

After widespread protests on Monday 1st May, the country’s labour day, the union has called for a national day of “Anger in Energy” for Wednesday 3rd May. The Cannes Film Festival is due to take place from 16th to 27th May, while the Monaco Grand Prix will be held from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th May.

“FNME- CGT, its unions, its union members, its Activists, the ‘Robin Hoods’, will continue to be the defenders of the general interest and one of the most effective tools!,” says the union.

“Our aim is to make ourselves heard locally”

Speaking to French news channel BFMTV, CGT-FMNE Federal Secretary Fabrice Coudour confirmed the plans to disrupt public events.

“We’re showing that we’re not turning the page. We’re still angry and we want to express it where it’s possible, particularly in public events,” he said.

“Our aim isn’t to stop them going ahead but rather to make ourselves heard locally and by elected politicians. We don’t doubt that even at the Cannes Film Festival or elsewhere there are personalities who share our point of view,” he added.

Last month, more than 300 leading figures from the French film and TV world signed a petition decrying the reforms.

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Photo courtesy Lion Stone Events and Ultimate Driving Tours