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Makeover of Casino Square to dramatically change the look of Monte Carlo

Fresh warnings on deadly flu outbreak

Fresh warnings on deadly flu outbreak

By Staff Writer - January 8, 2017

allergy-18656_1280This year’s strain of flu is particularly dangerous for the very elderly, according to health professionals in France. In one case, 13 residents of an old people’s home in Lyon have died from the infection since late December and a further six are still in hospital. Out of a total of 110 residents of the Korian Berthelot home, 72 contracted the flu.

Early results from a special inspection of the care home suggest that there was no negligence on the part of the staff, but that the victims died as a result of the virulence of the virus, which preys on the weakness caused by other ailments, such as heart problems and diabetes. The virus A(H3N2) is closely related to the strain that is estimated to have contributed to the deaths of 18,000 people in the winter of 2014/2015. Last winter’s Type B virus was considerably less dangerous.

According to the French health authorities, deaths from flu infection can be reduced by about 35 percent if elderly people are vaccinated. But it is also vital that others around them are also vaccinated, they say.

The government reminds Monaco residents that “health insurance organisations will reimburse the full cost of this vaccine to insured persons and their dependents”.

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