Fuel price discounts increased and extended

The French government has announced a €0.30 per litre discount on petrol, up from the current €0.18, starting in September to give consumers a bit of relief at the pumps.

In the midst of all the doom and gloom with rising energy and food prices, out of control inflation and war, a bit of good news is always welcome.

This ray of sunshine is coming in September and October in the form of fuel price discounts, which have been extended to the end of the year and will be increased to €0.30 per litre, reduced to €0.10 per litre from November, lasting until year’s end.

This reduction applies to all fuels, including diesel fuels, gasoline SP95/98-E5, and super-ethanol E85.

The advantages are certainly welcome by consumers, who are starting to chafe under the weight of price hikes in many areas of the economy, but it is also good for businesses who are equally affected. Those companies that use road, rail, river and maritime vehicles, as well as agricultural and forestry machinery, construction, public works, extraction, and business stationary engines will also reap the benefits.

The discount is applied by wholesalers distributing the fuel at service stations. The State then pays them a subsidy corresponding to the volumes delivered. At the stations, the discounted prices are displayed both on the totems and on the prices at the pump. The amount of the reduction is specified on the receipts.

Small service stations can apply for aid of between €3,000 to €6,000, depending on the volume of fuel sold, to deal with the gap between the price of stored fuel and the cost of acquiring the fuel remaining in their tanks.