Fun activity: Test skills at new escape game in Monaco

The Oceanographic Museum’s new escape room will take patrons on an adventure back in time to the high seas where danger abounds and only the clever will find their way home.

The new escape room at Monaco’s most popular tourist attract, the Oceanographic Museum, is a fun-filled, action-packed adventure for kids and adults alike.

Players will be asked to imagine themselves aboard the Princess Alice II, Prince Albert I’s famous laboratory boat, which is filled with all the tools needed to carry out a great ocean expedition. They will then be transported back in time to his 1901 Cape Verde explorations, where a violent storm threatens the whole voyage. Engines stop, the wind and waves toss the “crew” about and the nets on the seabed being used to gather data are in danger of being destroyed. It is up to the players to find a solution and get the precious cargo and the people back to dry land safely!

The game, designed in collaboration with IRIS Games, with an immersive scenography created by Camille Renversade, is a friend and family-friendly way to pass some time learning, exploring and having a lot of fun.

There are two games to choose from in these races against time. The first is the 30-minute mission, designed for those new to escape rooms, and the second is a hour-long ride for the more experienced players, covering two missions.

The minimum number of players is three, and the more players in a room, the lower the price, starting at €18 for the half hour and €35 for the one hour.

Note, the activity is only in French. For more info and tickets visit



Image source: Oceanographic Museum of Monaco