“Fun, food and a positive spirit for the ocean” with TAF

Berit Legrande, founder of The Animal Fund (TAF)
Berit Legrande, founder of The Animal Fund (TAF)

Monaco resident Berit Legrande founded the non-profit The Animal Fund (TAF) in March 2015 with a mission to protect, save and actively assist dolphins and whales that are victims of maltreatment, slaughter, pollution and overfishing.

With her team of individuals from different cultures, backgrounds and work experiences, TAF is united in educating others of the danger and consequences of cruelty and extinction but to also report on progress made.

“It’s not just the whaling or dolphin industry that those beautiful mammals have to protect themselves against,” Berit, a Dane who competes for the Monaco water ski team (and has her blackbelt in jiu-jitsu) told Monaco Life, “it’s indeed also pollution, climate change, loss of food sources, toxic substances and digesting of tons of plastic. What is there to be seen in nature if we ruin it all? And what will be left in a few years for our children?”

While TAF, a registered Monaco association, holds meetings across the year at Maison des Association, this Wednesday, December 7, they will be celebrating the holiday season with a Christmas dinner at 8 pm at Address restaurant (16 Rue de Millo, La Condamine). The evening promises “Fun, food, drinks and a positive spirit for the ocean, the whales and the dolphins” with a three-course dinner, including wine, water, coffee, tea for € 50/person. Reservations directly with the restaurant requested. Dress Code: Christmas hat … and whatever else you feel like wearing!

TAF’s AGM is on January 11, 2017. For donations or volunteer information, see theanimalfund.net