Gamblers who cheated Casino receive sentence

rouletteTwo Italian gamblers who have been banned from visiting casinos in their native country ran out of luck in Monaco when they tried to cheat at the English roulette tables last weekend.

Diego and Rocco were found to be cheating, thanks to cameras and inspectors at the Casino of Monte-Carlo, Monaco’s Criminal Court was told on Tuesday. A sleight of hand, a slight flick of the fingers, moving chips from a clear position on the cloth to straddle the number given by the ball, failed to work for the pair, both in their sixties.

Attorney General Jacque Doremieux said that the defendants, “who are no longer young and banned from casinos, have already been convicted of gambling offences in Italy. Even if they have no criminal record in France and Monaco, a sentence of fifteen days imprisonment is called for.”

For the defence, Maitre Arnaud Cheynut believes said that the offence was not sufficiently grave for a custodial sentence, and for the two men “the game is a way to escape a dull life”. He added that they had been willing to repay any loss to the Casino. He said that one of the men was a businessman “who did not need to win at the casino for a living. It’s an addiction.”

The court took a tougher line and doubled the penalty sought by the prosecution.