Getting to know Monaco: The timeless and traditional Moneghetti


In the latest edition of the series, we take a closer look at Monaco’s smallest neighbourhood and a place known as “Little Monaco” in the Principality’s own dialect: Les Moneghetti. 

Moneghetti, or Les Moneghetti as it is sometime called, is a neighbourhood in the northcentral part of Monaco that finds itself at the mercy of the steep inclines that rise from the coast to the cliffs of La Turbie above, and encompasses the Ravine Sainte Dévote that slices through the rock.

It is a traditional neighbourhood – the smallest in the whole of Monaco, being just 11.5 hectares – and is where many native Monegasques choose to live. 


There will even be some locals in Monaco that do not realise Moneghetti serves as the gateway for the Principality for the many thousands who pass through the Gare de Monaco Monte-Carlo each day.  

This modern station was built here in the 1990s, with the official opening date on 7th December 1999. Before this, the train ran above ground and used up precious building space, which remains a top commodity in the Principality.  

The majority of trains coming through are the local TER services between Marseille and Ventimiglia in Italy, but there are a smattering of TGV trains from the Gare de Lyon in Paris as well as some from much further afield.  


Given that it is home to a place servicing one of the most popular forms of transport in and out of Monaco, Moneghetti offers touristors and visitors a central location that really gives you the sense of being close to everything.  

Moneghetti is nestled between Jardin Exotique, the Condamine and Monte-Carlo, as well as Beausoleil, which is in France, to the north. The district itself is fairly light on restaurants, shops and cultural destinations, but there are countless options within easy reach in other parts of Monaco.   

For charm mixed with convenience, this is a great bet for a stay.  

Moneghetti is found at the crossroads of three other larger neighbourhoods: La Condamine, Monte-Carlo and the Jardin Exotique. Photo by Monaco Life


The Catholic Sacred Heart or Sacré-Cœur church is the main religious site in Moneghetti as well as one of its best known landmarks. This parish church is located about 50 metres from Lamarck Square and was built in the early 20th century by Jesuit monks. The interior is magnificent with crystal chandeliers, marble pillars and gilt decorations.  

Though it has been a “working” church for decades, it wasn’t formally consecrated until 2015. The reason given for this oversight was that the 1929 stock market crash followed by the Depression and World War II trumped the comparatively inconsequential need to consecrate the church. Quite the delay! 

A new organ was installed in 2016, allowing for music to flow from the space, and is a real source joy to the parishioners.  

The church is also headquarters to the Association des Guides et Scouts de Monaco, which have been around in one form or another since 1918, and today are a co-ed operation with Princess Caroline as Honorary President.  

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Featured photo credit: Reuben Rohard, Unsplash