G&M Design Gallery showcases the history of Peru through the lens of Mariano Vivanco

peru mariano vivanco

Ahead of a major exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lima next year, Monaco’s G&M Design Gallery is hosting a preview of photographer Mariano Vivanco’s ‘Peru’. 

Mariano Vivanco, a renowned Peruvian photographer, has embarked on a captivating artistic endeavour that delves deep into his roots at the invitation of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lima, which will officially open at this major South American cultural institution in 2024. 

Before that happens, however, visitors to the G&M Design Gallery in Monaco can get a sneak peek of Vivanco’s extraordinary works.  

Simply titled ‘Peru’, the exhibition is not only a presentation of Vivanco’s artistic skill, but also a testament to his profound connection with his homeland. In it, he expresses his deep pride in being Peruvian and the inspiration he draws from the country where his roots lie. Through the lens of his camera, Vivanco aspires to tell the stories of this vast and diverse land, portraying its history and mythology in a visually striking manner. 

The Moche civilisation 

One of the captivating facets of ‘Peru’ is Vivanco’s exploration of the Moche civilization, which thrived between 100 and 700CE in ancient Peru. The Moche people left a significant mark on Andean culture with their vibrant murals, ceramics and metalwork. These art forms are recognised today as some of the most sophisticated pre-Columbian creations. 

peru mariano vivanco
G&M Design Gallery has the honour of presenting a preview of ‘Peru’ ahead of its grand unveiling in Lima next year. Photo by Monaco Life

Pachamama, the Mother Earth

Within the heart of Peruvian mythology, Pachamama, the Mother Earth, holds a central role. She is the creative deity believed to fulfil humanity’s deepest desires and protect loved ones. Pachamama’s presence is celebrated annually by Andean communities on the first day of August, with Altomisayoc priests making offerings to seek her help and protection.  

Vivanco’s artistry delves into the intricate rituals and offerings that connect the material and spiritual worlds; the ceremonial blankets, sacred mats and the objects placed on them convey the desires and intentions of the worshipers. This portrayal of Pachamama’s significance pays homage to the essence of Peruvian spirituality and cultural heritage. 

Chimú culture 

Visitors can also travel back in time to the era of the Chimú civilisation, a pre-Columbian Inca empire that once dominated the northern coast of Peru from 900 to 1470CE, and explore their grand capital, Chan Chan, as well as uncover the lasting impact of their culture on the modern world through Vivanco’s captivating Chimú series.  

A “grateful” collaboration 

This preview of ‘Peru’ marks a special collaboration between the artist and the gallery.   

“I am grateful as ever to collaborate for the second time with my friends at the G&M Design Gallery in Monaco. Every time we work together, we have such a great time,” says Vivanco.  

Beyond a mere collection of photographs, the exhibit is a demonstration of the power of art to bridge the past and present, connecting us with the very essence of a nation’s history and spirituality.  

The exhibition is scheduled to run until mid-November, and the gallery is open 11am to 6pm, Tuesday to Saturday, at 11 Avenue Princesse Grace in Monaco.  


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Photos by Monaco Life