Government action: Monaco news round-up

Monaco backs a global early warning system at the UN, welcomes new recruits to the Prince’s Carabinieri, publishes a positive trade and commerce forecast, and gives fast fashion a thumbs down.  

Though the Monaco Grand Prix has dominated the news recently, there has still been plenty happening in the Principality outside of the race.  


The Mission for Energy Transition (MTE) organised a conference on 17th May, within the framework of Monte-Carlo Fashion Week, entitled Restraining Fast Fashion: Our Responsibility to All.

It highlighted the environmental impact of brands who put out cheaply made, low-cost and often low-quality clothing and featured two guest speakers: Paule Magnier, Project Coordinator at Zero Waste Marseille, who defined “fast fashion” and proposed measures to counter it, and Inès Bensalah, Monegasque designer and Ambassador of the National Energy Pact.  

The conference took place within the framework of Monte-Carlo Fashion Week in late May. Photo source: Monaco Communications Department

The conference also put forwards alternatives to simply binning unwanted items, such upcycling and repairing clothing, as well as discussing the developing industry of rented clothing and the growth in numbers of ethical brands. 


In 2022, the United Nations proposed the concept of a Climate Risk and Early Warning System (CREWS) that would necessitate the standardisation and international exchange of meteorological measurements and data for the purposes of monitoring and forecasting developing weather situations. 

On 22nd May, a delegation from the Principality led by Carole Lanteri, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Principality of Monaco to the Office of the UN in Geneva, attended a high-level meeting whose focus was getting this system online within the next five years. Monaco has been contributing a steadily increasing amount toward large-scale global climate projects since 2015.   


A meeting of the Observatoire du Commerce (Trade Observatory) also took place on 22nd May. The group, which is made up of representatives from key stakeholders and the state, examined the forecasts for tourism and trade in the Principality, which are thought to be very favourable this summer, as well as discussing the challenges and opportunities facing the sector.   

The Observatoire du Commerce unites key players from the retail, trade and industry sectors as well as figureheads from Monaco’s government and town council. Photo source: Monaco Communications Department

Additionally, after various visits to the shopping districts carried out by the Department of Economic Development, the group was presented with suggestions for improvement in order to make local commerce more attractive, particularly during quieter periods. 

Pierre Dartout, Minister of State and Chairman of Observatory, called the meeting a place for a “privileged exchange” between the administration and economic actors.  


A ceremony to welcome five new Carabinieri to the Prince’s Carabinieri Corps was held on 25th May. After a reception by Lieutenant-Colonel Martial Pied, the Corps Commander, at the helicopter landing zone of the Caserne des Moneghetti and a review of the troops, the Pennant of the Company was presented to the young recruits by Princess Stephanie, having been blessed by the Abbé Christian Venard, the chaplain of the Force Publique in Monaco. The ceremony ended with a rendition of the Monegasque anthem by the Orchestra of the Prince’s Carabinieri. 

Princess Stephanie amongst the new recruits of the Prince’s Carabinieri Corps. Photo source: Monaco Communications Department

Tradition dictates that the new recruits will soon take an oath to Prince Albert II and the Grimaldi family, pledging to serve them with “Honour, Fidelity and Dedication”, as the motto of the Corps demands. 


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Photos: Monaco Communications Department