Government action: Monaco news round-up 

Last week in Monaco, the fire brigade received a special visitor, scholarship applications opened online and a warning was put out about the return of disease-carrying tiger mosquitoes.  


Colonel Philippe Bertran de Balanda, the Chief of Corps of the Civil Security Instruction and Intervention Unit No. 7 (UIISC 7), which based in Brignoles, made an official visit to the Principality and the Monaco Fire Brigade in the Condamine neighbourhood on 2nd June.  

Monaco’s Lieutenant-Colonel Maxime Yvrard was on hand to welcome Bertran de Balanda for a day of meetings, equipment and vehicle inspections and operational events, as well as the viewing of the changing of the guard ceremony at the Prince’s Palace. 

The Monaco Fire Brigade and UIISC 7 have a partnership based on professional training exchanges. The French unit also participates as additional help during the Monaco Grand Prix.  


The Department of National Education, Youth and Sports has announced that applications for scholarship and social advancement grants for the 2023-2024 academic year are now available online via the portal.  

Launched last year, the uptake by applicants has been huge, with 95% opting for this version over paper. 

Eligibility information and applications for scholarships can be found here while grant information can be found here

Applications must be submitted before 2pm on the last Friday of September for scholarships and before a training start date for the grants.  


The Department of Health Action has issued a warning regarding the return of tiger mosquitoes, which can carry viral diseases such as chikungunya, dengue fever and zika, to the Principality. 

To lessen risks to the public, Monaco will spray a chemical repellent in public spaces and construction sites. The government is also encouraging to the public to take precautions, such as using repellents on skin, installing mosquito nets over beds and near windows, and using suitable anti-mosquito coils or diffusers at home. The government has also asked the public to alert health authorities if any signs of disease crop up.  

Chikungunya and dengue fever present with the sudden onset of fever above 38.5°C and at least one of the following symptoms: headache, joint pain, muscle pain, low back pain or pain behind the eyes. For zika, look out for a rash, with or without fever, and at least two of the following symptoms: red eyes, joint pain and muscle pain. 

The tiny insect is less than a centimetre in length and can be recognised by the black and white stripes on its body and legs.  


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