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Government in talks with Monacair

Government in talks with Monacair

By Stephanie Horsman - July 28, 2020

Struggling Monegasque company Monacair has met with the government to discuss future plans.

The Minister of Social Affairs and Health, Didier Gamerdinger, along with the Department of Labour and the Department of Equipment and Town Planning met with representatives of Monacair on Monday to talk about the social plan announced by the company.  

The meeting focused primarily on the number of jobs that will be affected and the accompanying measures that the company intends to implement. In a press statement, Mr Gamerdinger said he will be paying close attention to the negotiations.

Monacair shocked the Principality when earlier this month, the company announced it was being forced to lay-off 32 of its 76 person workforce due to fall out from the Covid crisis. The reduction affected pilots and ground staff alike and spurred the government to intervene to assist the company in sorting out a “social plan” to restructure the company.  

Since 2016, Monacair has been the sole operator of regular transport services between the Principality and Nice Airport. As such, their reduction in service has also resulted in a massive loss in passengers and revenue.

Monacair was founded in 1988 by Stefano Casiraghi, former husband of Princess Caroline, who was tragically killed in a speed boating accident in 1990. Today, his sons, Andrea and Pierre are the majority shareholders in the company.


Photo © Department of Social Affairs and Health



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