Government launches e-health initiative

A new website called Monaco Santé has been created in the Principality, providing information and services for residents and visitors including online bookings and consultations.
The government created the Monaco Santé initiative in conjunction with public and private health partners to provide a simple and easy website that is in line with Monaco’s digital transition mission.
“Monaco Santé supports patients on their pathway of Monegasque care to become even more involved in their health. At the same time, it offers professionals tools to support their activity,” said Minister of Social Affairs and Health Didier Gamerdinger.
The Monaco Santé digital portal,, has been designed as a user-friendly site featuring reliable information by the government’s health department. It is a “pragmatic response to the expectations of patients who are also Internet users and wish to benefit from the facilities offered by new technologies,” said Mr Gamerdinger.
Monaco Santé provides health information including the latest news, a directory, online appointment booking, online consultation, personal medical history and emergency numbers.
The website is available in five languages: ​French, English, Italian, Spanish and Russian.