Government outlines main objectives of 2020

Minister of State Serge Telle has revealed that an unprecedented amount of the government’s budget will be put toward the digital transition of the Principality in a speech to government officials and civil servants.
Government agents gathered on Wednesday 8th January at the Grimaldi Forum to hear Mr Telle’s annual well-wishing and speech.
“I am very pleased to see you all here today, and I want to emphasise ALL of you […] because this is not possible in any other country in the world. And this is far from anecdotal,” he said.
The minister used the opportunity to outline the three major projects that the administration is charged with carrying out in 2020. Firstly, public finance and the establishment of budgetary accounts, “which will allow us to know in detail and to the nearest euro what public policy will cost”; the digital transition, “to which unprecedented resources will be devoted in 2020”; and “the course of careers which must accompany changes in the world and encourage the nurturing and development of talents”.
“Thus,” said Mr Telle, “we will be able to meet the clear and ambitious objectives set by H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince […] and look to the future with serenity.”