Grace de Monaco perfume pop-up at Metropole

Grace de Monaco is a new luxury brand inspired by Grace Kelly whose first fragrance, Promenade Sur le Rocher, is as enduring and elegant as the late Princess herself.

The new perfume by luxury brand Grace de Monaco is back on the market in the Principality, just in time for holiday shopping. Allowing the public get a sneak peek at this enticing scent, the company, created by the Princess Grace Foundation USA, has set up a pop-up location at the Metropole Shopping Mall where the perfume, and a few other new products, will be featured exclusively for a limited time until the beginning of January.

The perfumes come in beautifully crafted, simple gold-topped glass bottles, making it a visual treat, but it’s what’s inside that makes it special. The scent is described as “a poetic fragrance reminiscent of Princess Grace. Promenade Sur le Rocher evokes a timeless feeling that lifts you into an unforgettable world where dreams and reality are one in the same.”

The sensuous fragrance has notes of bergamot, jasmine, ylang-ylang and rose centifolia interlaced with warmer notes such as musk, amber and vanilla.

Promenade Sur le Rocher is a hundred percent sustainably made, adding a modern ethos. The perfumers say, “The fragrance was conceived with the intention of minimizing the impact that production has on our environmental footprint while always using the highest quality ingredients.”

There are two versions, the first being a highly concentrated 15% one and an eau de parfum that is equally lovely, but at a lower concentration. 

In addition to the scent, candles and diffusers will be on offer in the coming weeks to round out the offerings.