Grace Kelly, the influencer

More than 40 years after her death, Princess Grace is being recognised as an influencer of the 21st century through a new global initiative backed by Prince Albert called ‘Grace Influential’.

The Princely Family and the Princess Grace Foundation officially announced the launch of Grace Influential on Wednesday, a global initiative recognising and celebrating the ongoing influence and impact of Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco.

“It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of Grace Influential – a global initiative where new generations can engage in and be inspired by the living legacy of Princess Grace,” said Prince Albert in a statement. “I’m mindful every day of my mother’s extraordinary impact on me, my sisters, and the Principality. A determined champion of women’s empowerment, child welfare, the arts, and equal rights, she instilled in us a determination to have a positive influence on the world. It’s my most passionate wish that her iconic legacy endures for future generations so that young people today can be as inspired as we were by her life, style, and philanthropy.”

According to the Foundation, Grace Influential is uniting established luminaries as well as new generations around fashion, philanthropy, luxury, and modern Monaco. Grace Influential invites followers to engage in a variety of global initiatives including, a digital lifestyle platform, social media @graceinfluential, global partnerships with major luxury brands and heritage partners, amplification of Monaco-related activations around the world, events focused on fashion, culture, and philanthropy, and podcasts, film, TV and other media.

“I am deeply honoured to be ushering Princess Grace’s inspiring and iconic legacy into a new era, on behalf of the Princely Family of Monaco,” said Brisa Carleton, CEO of the Princess Grace Foundation-USA and Grace Influential.

“The passions and purpose of Princess Grace are increasingly relevant in the modern world. Not only is her iconic fashion being referenced on runways and red carpets from Chanel to Saint Laurent, but her commitment to equality, fairness, and empowerment has become increasingly important to today’s global citizen. We are delighted to be engaging with partners from around the world who join us, and the Principality, in our efforts to captivate new generations in Princess Grace’s iconic legacy.”

Grace Influential is operated by the Princess Grace Foundation-USA a not-for-profit arts Foundation.

Photo: Grace Kelly posing for Life magazine wearing the Edith Head gown that she wore to the 1955 Academy Awards, by PHILIPPE HALSMAN/MAGNUM PHOTOS.