Grand Masked Ball at the Hôtel de Paris

Take a step back in time to an era where lords and ladies in the ultimate finery gathered together for spectacular parties, where every wish was possible, and every command was obeyed…

The Grand Masked Ball, coming to the Hôtel de Paris on 23rd October, is a chance for everyone to be royalty, if only for the night. Held in the same tradition as masked galas of old, guests are asked to don fabulous costumes and wear elaborate face masks, for once not of the Covid-kind, to add an air of mystery to what is sure to be an already dazzling event.

Attendees will promenade by candlelight, along the way meeting harlequins, jesters, dancers and perhaps even seducers, such as Casanova, to sweeten the already honeyed pot. It’s a chance to get lost in the entertainment and the step back in time before the days of mobile phones or even electricity, where intrigue and glamour were the calls of the day and night-time events were often places of secret rendez-vous.

A cocktail pre-party and dinner will be served to all those who attend, and the entertainment part of the evening will include international artists, in full period costume who will sing, dance and charm their ways into the hearts of guests.

Noble Monte-Carlo, who organised the Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses in 2020, is behind the event.