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Grimaldi Forum hosting two unique evenings of pure fun

Grimaldi Forum hosting two unique evenings of pure fun

By Stephanie Horsman - May 24, 2022

Two spectacular events are coming to the Grimaldi Forum in June featuring music, dance, acrobatics and magic.

The Grimaldi Forum is playing host to two shows sure to be on the calendars of anyone who likes a bit of fun in their lives.

The first, coming on 3rd June at 8:30pm, The Virtuoses, is being billed as a musical treat with magic, but is actually so much more. Two pianists take to the stage and – without a single word being uttered – mix music, contemporary magic and “Chapinesque” clowning into an evening of laughs, music and surprises.

The two players have the talent and dexterity of classical pianists, the comedic timing of silent movie actors, and magical skills worthy of Harry Potter. The pair play impressive four-handed duets that are enhanced with “magical transformations” that take the audience to another world filled with laughter and fun.

Musicians, actors, and magicians all rolled into one, the irresistible Virtuoses “achieve the seemingly impossible, marrying wild imagination with seriousness and making great music come alive for everybody. This is a dream-like celebration in music carried off infectious enthusiasm by these two dynamic pianists.”

Next up is a charity event benefitting Ukraine entitled My Land, on 10th June at 8pm. This circus-dance show features seven Circassian artists who, combing art, music, theatre and dance, reveal their deep connection to their country of origin.

These seven Ukrainian acrobats push the limits of the body whilst “recounting” through movement tales of their lives, loves, traditions and hopes using music drawn from Ukrainian, Moldavian and Tatar folk tunes.

Directed and choreographed by Bence Vagi, founder and artistic director of the Hungarian contemporary circus company Recirquel, My Land has been a phenomenal success since it first premiered in 2018 at the Fringe Festival in Edinburg. After more than 200 performances across Europe, this show takes on a special dimension with the current war in Ukraine.

All proceeds from the show will be donated by the Grimaldi Forum Monaco to the Monegasque Red Cross for Ukraine.


Feature photo of Les Virtuoses bulles by Jérôme Pouille





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