Grimaldi Forum offering hybrid events

In reaction to the current times we are living in, the Grimaldi Forum is now offering a range of services for events that combine face-to-face and virtual participation.

With the health situation as it stands, the scheduling of many live events hang precariously in the balance all over the globe. Monaco alone has seen the cancellation or postponement of many of its key yearly conferences and exhibitions. The Grimaldi Forum, which has hosted many of these events, has taken a different stance to accommodate these new times and is now putting on hybrid events which will be a combination of the virtual and the live. 

They, along with partner Key4Events, are offering their clients what they call “turnkey solutions”. These include allowing participants who can’t be physically present to attend live or rebroadcasted events on one or more other sites, with the possibility of live interaction, as well as inviting speakers who are unable to be present to speak remotely, either live or in a pre-recorded version.

The Forum is also offering a “recording, branding and dissemination offer” whereby they “store content and download solutions as well as statistical studies for measuring the impact of these hybrid events.”

For Sylvie Biancheri, Managing Director of the Grimaldi Forum Monaco, “Distancing cannot replace face-to-face contact – human contact is the very essence of our activities – but the concept of a hybrid or “phygital” event makes it possible to overcome a temporary impossibility of taking part in an event, as may currently be the case due to the Covid-19 healthcare crisis. By streaming the event to one or more hubs located remotely where other participants are gathered together, this concept can also increase the audience of an event that has reached its maximum face-to-face capacity, and in this regard, it constitutes an interesting lever of development”.