Grimaldi Forum reopening doors

Since the strictest of the lockdown rules were lifted in early May, the Grimaldi Forum team has been hard at work to make the venue a safe and welcoming place for the public when events start back in autumn.
The Grimaldi Forum has been scrubbing, sanitising, building and reorganising since 4th May in preparation for the resumption of a full events calendar come September.
The Forum has a litany of regulations they are putting in place to assure the public and the staff are in a safe and healthy environment. Amongst the new measures they have adopted are the mandatory taking of temperatures upon arrival at the site, obligatory mask-wearing, visors for hostesses, systematic cleaning and disinfection of all equipment and contact points such as ramps, door handles, elevator buttons and public facilities, as well as daily cleaning of staff uniforms.
To heighten security even further, they have placed disinfectant mats at the main entrances, mounted self-service dispensers for gel at strategic points all over the building, trained security guards in Covid-19 protocol, are providing an isolation room for suspected cases, and put up social distancing signs to remind the public of their obligation.
Grimaldi Forum has worked hard to reschedule, rather than cancel outright, as many events as possible. They have been highly successful and have managed to reorganise dates for 20 out of 25 events.
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