Gut health under the microscope: Monaco conference to shed light on microbiome research

The vital role of the gut microbiome in overall health and the prevention – or proliferation – of disease is to take centre stage at a conference at the Centre Scientifique de Monaco this week, which will see a leading expert in the field of  gastroenterology, Professor Philippe Marteau, present his latest discoveries and groundbreaking insights on the topic. 

Recent decades have transformed our perspective on the microorganisms that live in our gut. The term ‘intestinal microbiome’ – or more familiarly ‘gut microbiome’ – captures a complex ecosystem of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi that plays an essential role in digestion, immunity and general health.

At the upcoming ‘Intestinal Microbiome and Medicine: Research News and Practices’ talk, Professor Marteau will present the discoveries being made at the forefront of gastroenterology research.

“We’re establishing the complex relationships between the microbiome and factors such as age, sex, lifestyle and environmental exposures,” says Marteau, adding how the unique composition of each person’s microbiome can have a significant influence on an individual’s bodily functions in many ways.

“The microbiome coexists in balance with its host,” notes Dorotha Czeruska, a research director at the Centre Scientifique de Monaco, emphasising the importance of this equilibrium for health, indicating that disturbances and imbalances can provoke clinical disorders.

Looking ahead to the conference, Marteau’s anticipation is clear: “Our expanding knowledge of the gut microbiome promises to transform our health management strategies.”

The conference is scheduled for Thursday 15th February at 6.30pm.. A live stream will also be accessible through here.


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Photo source: Unsplash