Gyms set for 15th June reopening

Monaco gyms will be allowed to reopen on 15th June if the facilities meet the health standards put forth by the government.

Though gyms across the border in France have been reopened, Monaco decided to take a more conservative approach, leaving them out of Phase three deconfinement. The idea was to keep watch on the evolution of the virus, and if containment seemed to be effective in other areas, then gyms would be included in the next phase.  

It seems that the Principality has had sufficient success that the government is comfortable with the reopenings.  

“It seems to be completely under control. The last positive case dates back to Saturday and, according to the provisional results of the mass screening of the population, only 2.5% of the residents were in contact with Covid-19,” said the government in a statement. 

It should be noted that this is not a blanket reopening. There are strict conditions which must be met by the facilities in order to be allowed to open their doors again. All current health department requirements must be met, and gym goers will be placed on a list which will be kept for two weeks in order to trace and isolate any possible positive cases and their contacts. It is recommended that reservations be made beforehand to avoid waits, as there will be limits to the number of people allowed inside each room.  

For now, showers and changing rooms will not be accessible, so visitors must arrive in their gym kit ready to go. Toilets will be available, though. Finally, those using equipment must disinfect them after each use.

Photo: Pixabay