Health Passes to be available for non-EU tourists

The French government has announced that tourists vaccinated outside the EU will be eligible to obtain a health pass from Monday as the country’s mandatory pass rule comes into force.

Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, the Secretary of State for Tourism in France, told French media on Thursday that foreign tourists will be able to get a health pass allowing fully vaccinated visitors from outside the European Union the same rights as those within the country. The government will use the same idea as for French nationals who live abroad and have been vaccinated with jabs recognised by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

“Our goal is that, from 9th August, these tourists present on national soil can obtain passes on the same model as the French established outside France,” Lemoyne said on France Inter. “We are setting up a dedicated scalable device that will ramp up to meet these demands.”

Since Monday 2nd August, a system for French expats has been in effect allowing them to get a special health pass in order to return to French soil. 

The Constitutional Court, France’s top authority in matters such as these, approved on Thursday the controversial bill stating that health passes be mandatory for anyone wanting to access public places such as restaurants, cafes, fairs, and public transport, stating that the bill was a “balanced trade-off” between public health and personal freedom.

This will come into effect from Monday 9th August.

The addition of a health pass for foreigners will open up the country again to tourism, making it an attractive destination for travellers.

Foreign students are also being welcomed by the government. Lemoyne made a special point to say that “the principle is confirmed that we will welcome international students who are registered in the establishments.”

It has not been made public exactly how this will work, but the Secretary of State assured the public, “We will announce in the coming days the practical modalities which will allow them to come.”

Photo by Monaco Life