Health workers receive special visit

Prince Albert has visited healthcare workers at the Princess Grace Hospital to thank them for their efforts on the frontline since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.
The Head of State made the visit on Monday 20th April, his second public outing since being cleared of the Covid-19 virus on 31st March.
He was greeted at the hospital by Health Minister Didier Gamerdinger and Director of the CHPG Benoite de Sevelinges, who showed the Prince the dedicated unit within the CHPG designed to take suspected Covid-19 patients, and another unit reserved exclusively for patients requiring urgent care. The two units were set up within the hospital to avoid risk of contamination.

© Communication Department – Manuel Vitali / DR

During his tour of the hospital, the Sovereign Prince visited the emergency services headed by Professor Yann-Erick Claessens, and the Conventional Hospitalisation Unit which brings together the skills of pulmonary physicians, cardiologists, intensive care infectious disease specialists and radiologists, as well as the blood sampling unit and the ICU. He was briefed on the hospital’s progressive return to normal activity post confinement.
© Communication Department – Manuel Vitali / DR

Meanwhile, the government has celebrated the fact that the first fabric masks being distributed to the Principality’s 38,000 residents are “Made in Monaco”. Local company Bettina has been charged with producing 80,000 masks, while Banana Moon is manufacturing more than 1,000 masks a day.
“The Prince’s Government warmly thanks the teams who are at work to provide quality masks essential to our protection,” said the government in a statement. “This mobilisation is a national pride.”
Photos: © Communication Department – Manuel Vitali / DR