Helping businesses to go green

The government has made it easier for businesses to make the ‘energy transition’ and take advantage of a 70% subsidy that is currently on offer.
The National Green Fund, created in 2016 and supported by the Energy Transition Mission, was given an additional €2.5 million last September to relaunch the local economy with the aim of reducing the carbon or energy footprint of companies.
The objective of this new approach is to support companies as they implement various projects that favour the preservation of the environment, using local suppliers to create a circular economy.
In order to benefit from a 70% subsidy from the government, companies must carry out a report or project with a local partner in one of a range of contexts: in the control of energy costs, excluding building work; waste management, travel or purchases; a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the products or services offered; the development of renewable energies; or the fight against single-use plastic.
“The health crisis we are going through is an opportunity for each of us to awaken our ecological awareness,” said Director of the Energy Transition Mission Annabelle Jaeger-Seydoux. “For companies, a mobilisation focused on eco-responsibility can offer a real advantage in terms of competitiveness. The recovery plan is a great opportunity to accentuate this shift.”
The new online approach will make it easier for companies to access the initiative, saving time for users and speeding up the request process.