High-end watch lifted from the wrist of its owner dining in Cannes

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A spate of watch thefts in the region has taken another victim after a high-end timepiece was stolen from the wrist of its owner whilst he was at dinner in Cannes.

A supposed gang of skillful thieves has continued a spree of thefts in the French Riviera city by pinching an expensive watch off the arm of another unsuspecting victim.  

The latest incident reportedly took place on Monday 7th August at around 8.30pm at a restaurant on the Croisette. According to the local press, a man seated at a table watched on helplessly as two people stole his watch and promptly fled the scene on a motorbike.   

This follows on from another theft that took place, according to Nice Matin, on Saturday 5th August at Les Plages Electro, an annual three-day dance party on the beach. At the end of July, a German tourist also reportedly had his €80,000 watch taken as he was leaving his room at the Carlton Hotel.   


Despite these shocking incidents, Mayor of Cannes David Lisnard and Central Commissioner Wilfred Fremond announced at a press conference that watch thefts were, in fact, down so far in 2023. Compared to last year’s figures, 22 watches have been stolen in the past seven months compared to 35 over the same time period in 2022. 

However, when compared to the Principality of Monaco, which attracts a similarly wealthy clientele and where not a single incidence of pickpocketing was recorded in 2022, the city of Cannes still has some way to go when it comes to protecting its visitors and residents.

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