Hockey match for environmental awareness

Hockey legends and amateur hockey buffs will hit the ice for ‘The Last Game’ hockey match to heighten awareness about the rapid degradation of the world’s polar regions.

‘The Last Game’, organised by the Prince Albert II Foundation, the City of Monaco and the Monegasque Skating Federation, will take place on Wednesday 12th February at the ice rink on Quai Albert 1er.

The event is part of a series of games put on by Russian hockey legend Slava Fetisov with the help of the United Nations and the Holy See to alert the public of the dire situation in the polar regions. Ice is melting due to climate change at an alarmingly fast rate, endangering the fragile ecosystem, displacing or killing indigenous animals and putting the world’s population at risk.

It is currently estimated that if the current rate of melt, the Arctic could experience ice-free summers as early as 2040. This vast influx of additional water being added to the seas would of course impact the entire globe, causing mass destruction of coastal areas and changing weather patterns.  

Another hockey legend, two time Olympic gold-medalist Viatcheslav Bykov, will also be in attendance alongside players from the Monaco Barracudas hockey club.

The game starts at 5:30pm and will be followed by a masterclass led by players from the Russian team.