Holiday fun: mini-golf reopens after eco-makeover

The mini-golf course in the Princess Antoinette Park has received an environmentally-friendly, heat-resistant makeover and is now open to the public once again.

Over the course of eight weeks, the entire ground surface around the clay playgrounds has been replaced by an ecological, recyclable, permeable and natural coating called Urbalith – a first in Monaco.

According to the Mairie, it consists of a cold mixture of aggregates and an organo-mineral binder, which effectively fights against urban heat islands. Another advantage is that the material is safe for humans and the environment because it does not contain any Volatile Organic Components (VOC).

During the month of August, the mini-golf course is open every day from 2pm to 7pm by reservation at +377 99 99 19 29 or on the La Boîte de Jeux website:

Note, the mini-golf will be closed again for the week 7th  to 15th August, while the Princess Antoinette Park will be open for the entire month of August.


Photo source: Mairie de Monaco