Home care workers on the front lines during epidemic

Monaco’s support workers caring for the most vulnerable in the community are making heroic efforts to maintain vital ties to the elderly and disabled, whilst trying to remain safe themselves during the crisis.

Confinement is difficult under the best of situations, but when a person is elderly or disabled, the need for reassurance and assistance is paramount to survival.

The Union of Monegasque Businesses for Home Help and Support (SEMAAD), an association of five companies dedicated to helping those most vulnerable in the community, provide the services that ensure this at-risk segment of the population is well taken care of.

In taking care of these necessary visits and aid, they are putting themselves on the front lines seven days a week, as their brethren in the medical field are also doing each day.  

These workers face serious organisational constraints. They must adhere to lockdown rules whilst still providing services that normally require close personal contact. To manage this balancing act, they are equipped with gloves, masks and other necessary materials to ensure the health and safety of both themselves and those they care for.

They are also using clever ways to get around practical problems such as transport issues. They have been utilising the free services offered by Monaco Taxi, GIE Les Limousines and the free car parks to keep the system running smoothly.

The workers not only bring food and medicines to their charges, they also provide emotional support, providing perhaps the only social link to the outside world many of these people have.  

If you or someone you know is in need of such assistance, contact Dimension Santé via email on mabalain@agence-dimension.com.