Home Patient Monitoring Centre established

The Prince’s Government has established a dedicated unit responsible for caring for Covid-19 patients who have mild symptoms and are confined to their homes.
As is the case with Prince Albert and Minister of State Serge Telle, Monaco’s health authorities are advising patients who test positive for Covid-19 but who suffer with few symptoms to confine themselves at home while being followed medically.
Only patients suffering severe symptoms of Covid-19 are hospitalised.
Hence, the establishment of the Home Patient Monitoring Centre, the aim of which is to free-up hospital services and provide care for Monaco’s patients in a flexible and comfortable way.
The unit makes direct contact with the patients concerned, and is responsible for ensuring their comfort and for dealing with requests for medical and logistical assistance. The patient being monitored can contact the unit at any time.
The teams are made up of staff from the Health Action Department, doctors, social workers, volunteers from the Monaco Red Cross, CHPG medical secretaries and psychologists.
The Home Patient Monitoring Centre has been active since 23rd March and now cares for 47 patients.