“Honour, loyalty and dedication”: Les Carabiniers du Prince

Discover the rich history of Monaco’s Carabiniers, an elite and prestigious unit with a “very specific mission to serve the Princely family”, through a photographic exhibition at the Monte-Carlo station.

Open to the public until 16th February 2023 and found platform-level at the Monte-Carlo train station, the Les Carabiniers du Prince exhibition displays a dozen photographs taken between 1890 and 2022 in chronological order.

It offers a unique insight into this historic military unit; one with a close and intimate link to that of the Principality and its leading family.

The force’s motto, since its founding in 1817, has been “Honour, loyalty and dedication”, and in the words of Commander Martial Pied, the head of Monaco’s Palace Guards, the carabiniers hold a role enshrined in “commitment, sharing and community life, selflessness and zeal”.

“With a company of 124 men, the Palace Guards operate as an independent unit,” he says. “The rich diversity of our men and their numerous special skills mean that the Palace Guards are highly responsive and adaptable, carrying out many daily tasks, from protocol assignments to the protection of property and the [Princely] family.”

For further backstory on the guards and how Les Carabiniers du Prince came to hold their position, please visit the official website by clicking here.


Photo source: Monaco Communications Department