Hospital Tunnel closure

The Hospital Tunnel will be closed in both directions due to a possible rockslide situation falling from the Jardin Exotique.

The Hospital Tunnel will be closed from 7:30am on 31st July to 7pm on 2nd August to make the necessary repairs and shore up an estimated four tonnes of rock that is threatening to tumble from the walls at the site of the consolidation works at the Jardin Exotique.

A special team of mountaineers will work to fortify the area, requiring complete closure of Boulevard de Belgique at the tunnel in both directions to both car and foot traffic. Anyone wishing to go to the Princess Grace Hospital will only be able to do so by using Avenue Pasteur. Pedestrians will additionally be able to access the hospital by using the Revoires lift on Boulevard de Belgique to Boulevard du Jardin Exoitque, and then taking the hospital lift from there.

A few parking spaces will be inaccessible during this time period.

Once the initial work is completed, a second phase will be required to further strengthen the site, which will occur from 7:30am on the 3rd of August until 7pm on the 8th of August. An alternating traffic pattern will be in effect, with emergency vehicles having priority.