Hot summer nights and cool music at Cap Estel

Le Festival des Nuits Dime On du Cap Estel is celebrating its fourth year of exceptional concerts by jazz, hip-hop, electro and acoustic artists in a setting unparalleled on the Riviera. 

Launched in 2018, Le Festival des Nuits Dime On du Cap Estel may be one concert series that has slipped under the radar. That is almost certain to change after this year, as a line-up of international musicians join the roster, along with stars from the event’s own Dime On Music label.

Nuits Dime On du Cap Estel

The setting at the ever-elegant Hotel Cap Estel in Eze, with its emerald-green lawn, two restaurant choices and comfy lounging sofas, is the ideal place to hang out and enjoy a night or two featuring a wide variety of musical styles, from jazz to electro, hip-hop to acoustic.
The idea for the series came about in 2018 when singer-songwriter Medi, founder of the music label Dime On, joined up with Ketz Communication Agency to stage an event different from the rest. Void of huge stages and massive amounts of sound equipment, the concerts were formulated to be played in harmony with the surroundings and meant to be enjoyed in an intimate, therefore rather exclusive, locale.
Nuits Dime On du Cap Estel

This year’s line-up features international artists including Ben L’Oncle Soul, Madame Monsieur, Malo, Victor Mechanick, Theo Lawrence, Jil is Lucky, Ehla and Ma Saisara.

Additionally, Dime On’s own artists will be on the bill, including Kitchies, Jack Daniel, Jonh Wadies, Hilly Mandara, Keeka and Elise Allasia. For the opening and closing nights, these artists will perform together under the moniker of the Dime On All-Stars.

The programme runs from 2nd July to 27th August. For the complete line-up and more information, visit

Top photo of Elissa Lauper & Medi