How is Team Monaco faring at the Olympics?

The Tokyo Olympic Games are in full swing, and Monaco’s competitors have already started on their quests. Here is the latest on where they stand.
Monaco’s participation in the Olympic Games stretches back just over 100 years, when they first participated in the 1920 Games in Antwerp. Since then, the country has had a presence every time, putting forth athletes in various fields according to their specialities. This year’s games are no exception and the athletes have been giving it their all.
On a disappointing front, judo fighter Cédric Bessi was defeated in the second round by Mongolian Tsogtbaatar Tsend-Ochir, who went on to win the bronze in the sport. This was after a stunning victory in the first round against Burkino Faso’s Lucas Diallo.
Swimmer Claudia Verdino saw her Olympic hopes end early as she was disqualified in the second round of the 100m breaststroke competition. She was sanctioned, via underwater video, for an irregular butterfly kick.
“I’m definitely disappointed, I’m quite incredulous and I have a lot of bitterness,” said the 20-year-old, who otherwise swam well and clocked in at 1’14’’79.
Another heartbreak was for table tennis whiz Xiaoxin Yang, who lost to second ranked Chinese player Tingsha Sun in the third round of play.
Despite the end for these athletes, there are still two more who have yet to compete. On Friday, 18-year-old Charlotte Afriat will hit the track in the women’s 100m. Her race is scheduled for between 4:40am and 5:28am local time (CET) and she hopes to surpass her previous best time of 12”27 set last June.
“For me, 12’’40 or below would be great and would reward her for the hard work she has done all year,” said her trainer Frédéric Choquart.
Finally, Monaco’s youngest delegate, 16-year-old Théo Druenne, will also compete on Friday, swimming in the first round of the 1,500m freestyle. He will be in the number 2 lane, and will be up against Salvadorian Marcelo Acosta, Aflah Prawira from Indonesia, Ireland’s Daniel Wiffen and Marwan Aly Elkamash of Egypt. His race will take place at 12:41pm.
Michel Pou, his trainer, is optimistic of his chances, stating, “There will be hardly any opponents of his level in this event because few swimmers benefiting from universality swim from the middle distance.”
Photo by Photo Manuel Vitali, Government Communication Department