How the YCM’s SEA Index is setting the gold standard for sustainability assessment in yachting

The SEA Index, the fruit of a sustainability-focused partnership between the Yacht Club de Monaco and the Credit Suisse bank, and backed by a host of industry leaders, is on its way to becoming the yachting world’s benchmark in assessing carbon emissions, say its creators, who have now introduced more than 50 yacht owners to the scheme. 

More yacht owners and guests are looking to make cleaner, greener choices than ever before, and one way that the Yacht Club de Monaco is helping and supporting its members in starting to make these changes is by offering up its innovative SEA Index assessment.  


Launched in 2020, the SEA Index has given yacht owners a point of reference regarding the amount of CO2 emissions they churn out.  

The appraisals are done by calculating the amount of carbon emitted per gross tonne per hour into the atmosphere and the Index uses the UN International Marine Organisation’s methodology with adaptations to suit yachts and vessels above 25 metres.

“All vessels that have initiated the SEA Index CO2 certification application process benefit from a summary report outlining the improvement options to be implemented to reduce their impact: engines, generators and energy balance,” says a spokesperson for the scheme. “This is extremely useful information, particularly before the start of refit periods.” 

More than 50 Yacht Club de Monaco members and owners of vessels over 25 metres have signed up to be assessed so far and the figures are growing. Outside the club, the Index is also being sought after by other players in the industry who are looking for ways to improve their sustainability quotients.  


One Monaco-based vessel that recently completed its assessment, the M/Y Kasper 7, has been awarded with a three-star certification out of a possible five under the scheme. The 67-metre superyacht was built in 2023 by Italian ship builders Benetti using some of the latest sustainability standards. 

“It’s a great tool because it shows how the owners, crew and shipyards care about the sea and the environment,” says Captain Dario Savino. “We’re very proud to have been awarded three stars because it tells us we’re heading in the right direction.” 

For more information on the SEA Index, click here. 


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Photo source: Rachel Schauerman, Unplash