How to fix errors or omissions on French tax returns

If you have discovered a mistake after filing your French tax declaration, there is a quick and easy way to fix it, but only for a limited time period. Here’s what you need to know about the process. 

It could happen to anyone. You hit send on your tax returns only to realise you have completely miscalculated or omitted information and the panic starts to creep in. Now what? 

The French government is seeking to reassure those in this situation with the announcement that, whether a tax filing was done online or on paper, there is the possibility to edit it until 6th December.  


Taxpayers can make adjustments to their 2023 statements by simply going to the Espace Particulars section of the website. 

From there, click on ‘Corriger en ligne la déclaration de revenus’ and make any changes that are necessary. This can be accessed anytime between now and 6th December, and as many times as is required to get it right.  

Included in the things possible to amend are dependents, income, charges, tax cuts or credits, real estate wealth tax and supporting declarations.  

What cannot be altered online is civil status information, marital status, the appointment of a trusted third party, tax residence address as of 1st January 2023, the addition of a dependent student address, or one’s mailing address. 

For these changes, the individual must post an amending statement or visit the local public finance centre with a letter and supporting documents explaining that this replaces the original online declaration.  

Alternatively, people can go to the site and send a letter notifying the tax service of any errors under the ‘My request concerns income tax or social security contributions’. Supporting documents can be attached to the online form.

This process takes roughly three weeks and the taxpayer will be notified when the corrections have been made.  


To change this type of income tax return, individuals must inform their income tax department either by sending a letter or by filing a new tax return on paper. 

In this case you must indicate a Declaration of Amendment, Cancellation and Replacement on the first page and re-enter all reportable items, including the correct items from the original declaration. 

Printable blank 2042 forms can be found online here 


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Photo source: Thought Catalog, Unsplash