How to get a Monaco stamp in your passport 

monaco passport stamp

It’s a little-known fact that visitors to the Principality, from no matter how far afield, can get their passports stamped with the official seal of Monaco. Here’s how.  

There are many, many things that make Monaco special, from the iconic Casino de Monte-Carlo to the fleets of top-of-the-range sportscars on its streets and the insanely luxurious superyachts bobbing in Port Hercule. But one characteristic that makes the Principality that much different from all the other destinations of this calibre – if you can think of any – is its unique status. 

As explained by ETIAS, the European Travel Information and Authorisation System, “Monaco doesn’t formally belong to either the European Union or the European Economic Area.” 

Neither it is an official member of the Schengen Area, but Monaco is considered as “associate member” due to its connections with France, which is a fully subscribing Schengen country, and that fact that anyone coming to Monaco, including by sea, will have to pass through French territory in order to reach its shores. 

Ultimately, this means that visitors to the Principality, whether they’re coming from just over the border in France or from thousands of kilometres away, can get their passports stamped legally with the seal of Monaco. It is not obligatory though, and is more of a memento of an incredible trip as there are no border control officials manning Monaco’s boundaries asking for proof of identity or a visa!

Where can I get my passport stamped? 

There is only one “real deal” place in Monaco that can officially stamp a passport: the Mairie de Monaco or the townhall, which is found in the Place de la Mairie on The Rock.  

In the height of summer, the number of people lining up to get this little keepsake can see queues heading out of the door, but usually you’ll only have to wait a few minutes.  

Just one more thing… It is important not to confuse the official stamping with the “token” stamps handed out by the tourism office. This latter address gives souvenir passports complete with photos of Monaco’s key attractions and a space for stamps and notes to anyone who asks for one. They are totally free of charge, but can be very popular in the summer and the tourism office sometimes runs out of stock.  


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Photo source: Kyle Evans, Unsplash