Hydrogen-fuelled drones among exciting innovations presented at Monaco Hydrogen Forum   

Could hydrogen-powered drones provide a solution to cutting emissions caused by the transportation sector? One company attending the Monaco Hydrogen Forum certainly thinks so.  

Now in its second year, the Monaco Hydrogen Forum, which is being hosted at the Hôtel Hermitage’s Salle Eiffel between 27th and 28th November, has set itself the lofty ambition of contributing “to reversing the curve of the environmental impact of mobility in our societies thanks to renewable hydrogen”.  

Transportation currently accounts for an estimated 25% of all carbon emissions, so the replacing of fossil fuels in this ‘sector’ with cleaner and greener options, such as hydrogen, would provide a considerable step towards lowering overall emission levels and have a big impact on national decarbonisation strategies.  

One company to take this challenge head on is Heven Drones, which presented its latest generation of sleek hydrogen-fuelled drones on the first day of the event. The ground-breaking range could, according to the company, “revolutionise the drone industry and redefine the possibilities of hydrogen-powered flight”. 

One half of the range, the smaller H2D200 drone, can carry payloads up to 4.5 kilograms and has an astonishing 510-kilometre range with extended flight times of up to four hours. To top it off, it is remarkably precise and can hover with accuracy.  

The larger drone, the H2D250, can carry up to 10 kilograms for 750 kilometres. It has an operating time of up to eight hours whilst maintaining precision.  

Together, the two new devices could open the door to a variety of applications, such as an eco-impactful method of making multiple deliveries.  

“The Age of Hydrogen is upon us,” says John Rossant, the president of Monaco Hydrogen Alliance, which is behind the pioneering event. “The most abundant element in the universe now holds out the tantalising promise of being one of the most important keys to a cleaner and more sustainable planet.” 

For more information on the Monaco Hydrogen Forum, click here.


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Photo via Heven Drones