Ian Sosso re-elected to board of EBAN

Ian Sosso has been re-elected for a third time to the board of EBAN, the Brussels pan-European representative for the early-stage investor community.

Monegasque Ian Sosso, winner of the 2019 award for best Angel investor in Europe and Founder and Managing Partner of Monte Carlo Capital, also recently participated in the annual European Angel Investor Summit in Brussels. The event, organised by EBAN, is the main Angel investor event of the year in Europe and was attended by 500+ delegates, including many attendees from various branches of the European Commission.

This year, the emphasis was on deep tech and university spin off, topics of particular interest to Sosso and the subject of a white paper he wrote.

Ian Sosso gave a keynote which was a concentrated version of another white paper he wrote last year called, ‘Why we all need to become early-stage tech investors to remain relevant, (and why it is particularly so for family offices and their principals)’.

Sosso also participated in panel discussions titled ‘Accelerating Tech Transfer from Labs to Market’ and ‘University Spinoff Best Practices’.

Monte Carlo Capital is a group of HWNI and family principals investing as a syndicate in early stage business in Europe and the US.