“Ideas worth spreading”: ISM students take to the stage for TEDxYouth talk

The International School of Monaco has hosted an illuminating TEDxYouth talk for students aged 10 to 17. The event, held last week, allowed pupils to express their views on a range of topics under the theme of Reality Check.  

TED Talks have been around since 1984, but were launched as online events in 2006, leading the technology, entertainment and design discourse sessions to become a truly global phenomenon. 

The events give their audiences access to the greatest leaders, thinkers and educators in the world, and have been embraced by thousands of local organisers, who have created a branch of grassroots sessions called TEDx events.

In this spirit, the International School of Monaco (ISM) has, for the last three years, played host to a series of TEDxYouth events that feature student and guest speakers. 


The 2024 ISM event, which took place on 6th April, saw 11 students aged 10 to 17 take to the stage, as well as two adult speakers: a parent and a teacher.  

A broad spectrum of current topics were discussed at the TEDxYouth event, from the place of artificial intelligence in schools and at work, social media impact, fake news, climate change, reality television and cyberbullying.

In addition to the fascinating talks, the day offered an “immersive and interactive experience of the Monaco metaverse” created by DWorld CEO Manila Di Giovanni. Monaco is DWorld’s first virtual twin of a country in the metaverse and provides a glimpse into the future of the Principality.  

The attendees were also treated to musical entertainment from the ISM Year 4 Choir and the band Exodity.  

“ISM’s mission is to provide an outstanding education for students so that they are happy, confident, independent, multilingual and responsible global citizens,” says Alicia Sedgwick, a co-curator of the event. “There is no better way to accomplish this than to teach our young people public speaking skills that allow them to communicate effectively in every possible situation, whether with one person or an audience of a thousand.” 

The event was filmed and will be soon be shared on the TED YouTube channel. For more on ISM’s TEDx Youth talk, click here

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Photo courtesy of the International School of Monaco