Ikea will soon sell solar panels

Ikea is set to sell solar panels in its stores in France from this autumn, a move that will make renewable energy more accessible than ever before.
It was revealed this week that the Swedish furniture giant has partnered with the Voltalia, a French company specialising in renewable energies, to sell and install the Ikea-branded solar panels. The products, called Solstråle, will be offered in stores exclusively in the south of France from this September.
While prices for the solar panels have not yet been announced, they are expected to be 10% to 20% cheaper than the rest of the market, according to Le Figaro.
Customers will be able to find the panels online at Ikea.fr or in store, where they can simulate their needs. After-sales service will be provided Voltalia, whose experts will carry out a free roof diagnosis, analysing slope and orientation, to prepare for installation. This study will also assess potential electricity bill savings.
Afterwards, Voltalia will manage the installation and maintenance of the panels.
While Solstråle is a first in France, Ikea is already offering the products in a number of other countries including Sweden, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and Australia.