Impounded cars and motorbikes go on sale

It’s that time of year again when the government puts up for auction the vehicles that it has seized throughout the year. Here are the details.

The government announced on Monday 21st March that the Domain Administration has published a list of the vehicles that are, from this date, available for purchase and on show at its offices on the 4th floor of 24 rue du Gabian, between the hours of 9:30am to 5pm and on the site:

A small selection of bicycles are also available.

The deadline for offers is Friday 8th April 2022 at 12 noon.

While people are able to view the vehicles in person, the government recommends they download the list of vehicles on the aforementioned website first.

Tenders must be submitted exclusively to the mailbox provided for this purpose, in the entrance hall of the building located at 24 rue du Gabian.



Photo by Chuttersnap on Unsplash