Impressive auction to fund global sea mission

Thomas Capiten had to postpone his five-year mission to meet the “heroes of the ocean” because of Covid. But the Prince and local personalities are now rallying behind Thomas and his dream.

Thomas Capiten is nothing if not persistent. As organiser of the ‘Thalas’ operation for ocean preservation and awareness, he had everything ready to start his five-year mission at the start of 2020.

Then Covid happened and the whole thing fell apart before his eyes, as sponsors were forced to cancel or defer financing, setting his trip back months or even years.

Capiten was close to abandoning his plan altogether as things hit a low point over the summer, when he decided to make one more push to make his mission happen.

Thus, the plans for a charity event began to take shape. Under the moniker Together for Thalas, Capiten approached the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Club of Resident Foreigners of Monaco (CREM), Lia Riva, the CEO of Monaco Boat Services and several other local entities to sponsor a charity event to raise the funds necessary to get his voyage back on track.

This event will be held on 26th January under the high patronage of HSH Prince Albert at the Riva tunnel, and consists of a charity sale of works and collectibles donated to the association by Prince Albert, local artist Marcos Marin, champion free diver Pierre Frolla,  and many others.

There is also an online auction where donors can now bid on the prizes in support of the Thalas expedition.

Thalas is an educational and support project for innovations related to ocean protection. They host educational programmes in more than 750 schools in 35 countries, as well as an ocean engineering programme at 15 higher learning facilities.

The expedition Capiten is raising funds for is a dual purpose voyage. He will take to the seas and during his trip will be in contact, via a special communications link, with over 800 schools, hosting real time exchanges with students. He will also travel to visit people he calls “heroes” who are working towards or implementing initiatives that help the environment. Capiten will connect his heroes with researchers and engineers who may be able to help them further their projects.

A catalogue with all the pieces up for grabs can be found on the website at

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Photo: The Thalas catamaran, source Thalas