In the spotlight: The Principality’s very own craft brewery, the Brasserie de Monaco

Every year, more than 100,000 litres flow through the taps of the Brasserie de Monaco, an enterprise with more than 100 years of history crafting top quality lager, beer and ale. Here’s a closer look at the how the business is going today.

The Brasserie de Monaco first opened way back in 1905 at its original premises in Fontvieille. It was forced to close up shop in 1972, but that would not be the end of the road for the company.  

In 2008, local businessman Gildo Pastor recognised the growing public interest in craft beers and revived the brand by launching it anew on the Route de la Piscine of Monaco’s famous Port Hercule.  

Gildo Pastor revived the award-winning brand and relaunched the Brasserie de Monaco in 2008. Photo credit: Rovatti

Over the last 15 years, the Brasserie de Monaco has gone from strength to strenght, becoming an ever-popular drinking destination for the thousands of visitors and residents looking to quench their thirst after a day pounding the streets of the Principality or working hard behind their desks.   

Brewmaster Valentin Khun, alongside brewer Maxence Valat, takes great pride in creating a top-quality range that includes a lager, a pale ale, a wheat beer, and for the holidays, a festive, seasonal Christmas beer.  


The Brasserie uses exclusively organic and sustainably sourced ingredients in its beverages, and to prove there is absolutely nothing to hide, the gleaming stainless steel vats are part of the interior décor.

The stainless steel vats used in the production of the Brasserie’s beers form part of the décor. Photo credit: Fabbio Galatioto

The outside terrace is a fantastic place to see and be seen by passers-by on the port, with the likelihood of running into a friend or two on the high side given its open aspect.  

To accompany the fine beers, the food at the Brasserie de Monaco is prepared with a focus on local fare and an ethos to please all. As such, patrons will find everything from pizzas and salads to burgers, fish and chips, escalope à la milanaise and a generous entrecôte steak on the menu.  

A sunny afternoon is the perfect time to drop by for a relaxed beer, but the Brasserie de Monaco is also a great destination during prime times of the year. The bar is pumping for Grand Prix, due to its excellent location, and is a hot favourite amongst sports fans thanks to the big screens. For music lovers, there is an in-house DJ and the party often continues well into the wee hours.  

After starting its story in Fontvieille in 1905, today’s Brasserie de Monaco sits right on the water’s edge of Port Hercule. Photo credit: Fabbio Galatioto


All this work and effort, on the part of Pastor, vice presidents Jérémy Lombart and Louis Brenot, and the brewing team, has clearly paid off, as the brewery can boast several awards, including a 2010 Fourquet d’Or prize for its Pilsner, another in 2014 for its lager, as well as a World Beer Awards gold medal the same year. In 2016, the Brasserie de Monaco came home with a silver medal from the Concours International de Lyon for the lager and the team also won the Fourquet d’Or for its pale ale. The latest prize was from this earlier year, when the Brasserie’s lager was once again in the spotlight in Lyon, winning a silver medal.  

For more information on the range, events and opening times, click here


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Main photo credit: Fabbio Galatioto